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Korean face serum - how to use? -

Many people do not know what Korean serum really is and how it works on the skin of the face. It is a cosmetic product with a much higher concentration of active substances than a regular cream. The high concentration of active substances and plant extracts allows for a lighter, gel and even watery consistency of Korean cosmetics. Serum in this form is primarily used to strengthen the daily care of the skin, as well as its hydration. However, it should be remembered that the Korean face serum should not replace a good-quality cream, but only complement the entire daily care process.

Korean face serum - how does it work?

Korean serum with vitamin C has a highly nourishing effect on the facial skin, ensuring its adequate level of hydration and nourishment. An interesting fact is that the Korean serum perfectly influences the regenerative processes, thanks to which the skin remains healthy and beautiful every day with regular use of the cosmetic. Strengthening the protective layer of the skin in summer is a very important point that should not be forgotten. Korean serum is a product that is perfect as part of the daily care of dry skin. After applying the cosmetic on the skin, it is worth leaving it for a few moments so that all active ingredients can perfectly penetrate into the cells.

When to use Korean face serum?

Korean face serum is best used when the skin is exposed to frequent sunlight. Such a complexion needs strong stimulation with moisturizing and regenerating cosmetics. Korean serum also has a positive effect on facial skin cells, strengthening them and restoring a healthy look every day. Concentrated Korean serum with vitamin C can be used practically every day, whenever the skin needs an additional dose of hydration and strengthening. Attention! Korean face serum also helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles when used regularly.

How long should you use Korean Vitamin C Serum?

Care cosmetics should be used for as long as needed. If the skin requires a high level of hydration, strengthening and creating a protective barrier against external factors, it is worth using Korean serum regularly for about 2-3 months. During the treatment, the skin of the face will be mobilized to regenerate faster. In order to take full advantage of the power of the Korean vitamin C serum, it is worth reading the information on the package insert and follow the recommended doses and methods of application.


Questions & Answers

Can Korean serum be used daily?

Korean face serum can be used every day if required by the skin of the face. Signs of damage, dryness and aging are the main reasons why you should use Korean serum every day.

Why should Korean face serum be combined with cream??

Korean serum works much better when combined with a natural face cream, allowing it to better absorb active ingredients. The watery consistency evaporates quickly, so during the day it is worth using a cream and a different level of density.

How does Korean face serum work??

Koreańskie serum do twarzy działa przede wszystkim nawilżająco, odżywczo i regenerująco na każdy typ skóry.

Is Korean Vitamin C Serum safe to use?

The use of Korean serum is completely safe. The cosmetic does not cause any irritation, and its natural composition allows for effective regeneration even by people with sensitive facial skin.

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